Woman on the Beach 2006 Poster

Film Review: Woman on the Beach (2006)

I don’t want to say I’m judging a book by its cover (or rather, a director by its films), but so far I’m two for two in not enjoying films I’ve seen from director Hong Sang-soo, and I’m not exactly chomping at the bit to check out another film from him. It’s a shame, really — although IMDb plots are only a few sentences, usually they do a great job at summarizing a film’s plot and don’t leave anything to be desired. However, so far these descriptions of Hong Sang-soo’s films sound quite intriguing, only to leave me disappointed. Doing a little digging, it seems his films often involve a man involved in an affair, and the male protagonist is, often enough, a director as well. I wonder if it’s a sort of projection?

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Stuff and Dough 2001 Movie Poster

Film Review: Stuff and Dough (2001)

Up until seeing Stuff and Dough, the first film from director and writer Cristi Puiu, I had never seen a Romanian film before, so I was interested in seeing what this film would bring to the table. Virtually screened as part of the Philadelphia Lightbox Film Center’s “The Romanians: 30 Years of Cinema Revolution” collection of films, this one caught my attention and sounded worth checking out. In addition to being Puiu’s directorial debut, for two of the three main characters, this is also their film debuts. This was Alexandru Papadopol (Ovidiu) and Ioana Flora’s (Betty) first credited roles, whereas Dragos Bucur (Vali) had one previous role in 1998’s “Next Stop Paradise”, a film I also want to check out sometime down the road.

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Hill of Freedom 2014 Movie Poster

Film Review: Hill of Freedom (2014)

I’ve heard of several films by director Hong Sang-soo, all sounding interesting. Admittedly I have not gotten around to viewing any of them yet, so when I saw Grasshopper Films had his 2014 film Hill of Freedom available for streaming as of last week I figured I would give it a go.

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Inheritance 2020 Film Poster

Film Review: Inheritance (2020)

Although its plot is a bit farfetched, Inheritance, the first feature length film from screenwriter Matthew Kennedy, makes a good story. One day when out and about in New York City, Archer Monroe (Patrick Warburton) passes away suddenly. He’s the father of a political family: his son William (Chace Crawford) is a politician running for re-election, and his daughter Lauren (Lily Collins) is a Manhattan District Attorney. She’s always felt that her father likes her brother, which is only solidified when Archer leaves William $20 million and Lauren “only” $1 Million in her will. After the will has been read, their family attorney Harold (Michael Beach) privately tells Lauren there’s one more thing, something just for her.

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A Gentle Breeze in the Village (2007)

Film Review: A Gentle Breeze in the Village (2007)

Usually, I’m one to enjoy films that are on the softer and more gentle side that slowly tell a story, so I was a little surprised upon watching A Gentle Breeze in the Village that I didn’t care for it. Maybe part of it was I wasn’t in the right mood or headspace for a film like that, but at the same time, I doubt it was that. I paused it throughout as I couldn’t get into it never feeling all that interested.

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Deerskin Film Poster

Film Review: Deerskin (2019)

There’s no exact word in the English dictionary that describes just how absurd Deerskin is, and that’s what makes it so great. Recent divorcee Georges (Jean Dujardin, The Artist) spends thousands of dollars on a 100% deerskin jacket, and it begins to consume his identity. Either suckered in to being paid so much or just because, the seller of the jacket also tosses in a free digital video camera for Georges. He leaves town to be alone for a while, settling in a quiet village and manages to board up in a hotel with no money to his name. He leaves his wedding ring at the desk as an item of value to promise he’ll be able to pay for his room shortly which makes me chuckle, as the ring has no real value to him anymore.

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Alice (2019) Film Poster

Film Review: Alice (2019)

I was originally slated to watch another French film today that’s on my list, Le daim (Deerskin), however, due to technical difficulties, I decided to swap it out with Alice, a drama about a woman who finds out her husband has been cheating on her with escorts the entire duration of their marriage. With him having left her all of a sudden and leaving their bank account drained, she decides to get into the very same sex work her husband was utilizing using often. He doesn’t approve when he discovers this — talk about hypocritical!

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Porno 2019 Film Poster

Film Review: Porno (2019)

Porno is definitely not a film you can look up without being questioned about it should someone be seeing it in your browser history. It’s another film that I wanted to see at the Philadelphia Film Festival last year, but was unable to attend its screening. Back then there wasn’t even a trailer to be found, so all I would’ve been able to go by was its interesting sounding synopsis! Even if that was the case back then, I still would’ve walked away from this film being thoroughly impressed by its ingenuity.

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Extra Ordinary 2019 Film Poster

Film Review: Extra Ordinary (2019)

After the last film I saw was rather bland, I was hoping Extra Ordinary to  be a double whammy of film disappointments, but was still unsure of what to expect. It’s a title I stumbled across on IMDB last fall, but was not available to watch stateside at the time. After a small theatrical run earlier this year, Kino Lorber is now streaming it since it wasn’t able to have a full rollout.

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