Hereditary 2018 Poster

Film Review: Hereditary (2018)

While he’s previously made a few short films falling under the horror genre, Hereditary is the first feature-length film from director Ari Aster. Back in 2018 I wasn’t paying as much attention to film releases as I was now so this was a film I was unfamiliar with outside of its song being used on some TikTok videos. When Aster’s second film Midsommar was released last year, I made a mental note to check both films out. Finally, I found the time to sit down and watch Hereditary.

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Deerskin Film Poster

Film Review: Deerskin (2019)

There’s no exact word in the English dictionary that describes just how absurd Deerskin is, and that’s what makes it so great. Recent divorcee Georges (Jean Dujardin, The Artist) spends thousands of dollars on a 100% deerskin jacket, and it begins to consume his identity. Either suckered in to being paid so much or just because, the seller of the jacket also tosses in a free digital video camera for Georges. He leaves town to be alone for a while, settling in a quiet village and manages to board up in a hotel with no money to his name. He leaves his wedding ring at the desk as an item of value to promise he’ll be able to pay for his room shortly which makes me chuckle, as the ring has no real value to him anymore.

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Manga Review: Uzumaki by Junji Ito

Back in December when browsing Barnes & Noble I was browsing the manga section when the 3-in-1 edition of Uzumaki, the full series, caught my eye. I sat down and began reading it, getting a little over 1/10th into it before I had to go. This was, without a doubt, the most hooking manga I have read to date.

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Within by Keith Deininger

Review: Within by Keith Deininger

Within by Keith Deininger had a promising synopsis, but unfortunately it fell a little flat for me. I did like the story, it was definitely eerie, and also quite morbid. However, I felt that it was lacking some plot. Sure, there was a plot, all stories need one – but I felt that it wasn’t solidified enough, and the conflict the protagonists faced wasn’t truly apparent until some ways into the story.

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