It’s Time To Get Back Into The Swing of Things

Let’s face it: I’ve been neglecting posting here. I read a couple of books a month, but have yet to write reviews. I have a sticky note listing them all. When I do feel like posting reviews here and there, I can crank them out like it’s nothing. I want to change that, and for multiple reasons.

One, because I enjoy writing and blogging for an audience, big or small. It’s a hobby and has been for years, even before creating Devin’s Book Hub.

Two, because I finish community college this spring and will be away from home as I work towards a Bachelor’s. Not too far from home most likely, but I’ll no longer have my pile of unread books within arm’s reach. I’d like to make that pile shrink.

Three, because I have TONS of books I’ve never read or reviewed on NetGalley, and even if not current, I don’t care. Same goes for authors and publishers who have contacted me asking me if I would review a book. I’m embarrassed by this and am sorry I’m slow and unresponsive at times.

Four, I definitely have the time to do this. It’s all about allocating time to reading and blogging rather than something else.

In addition to doing book reviews, I’m planning to writing bits about movies I watch from now on. Not popular stuff like the latest Marvel movie or some book adaptation or some Pixar film, but random films from the last century that sound interesting and I want to give a watch. Any genre, any year, any language. They could be indie and straight to video, or had a theatrical release in the past. I don’t want movies too frequently, but if I can find a balance, maybe I’ll do this at least a few times a month. I did watch a movie last night, after all.

Take care and see you all soon,


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