The Vast of Night 2019 Film Poster

Film Review: The Vast of Night (2019)

Another film I missed out on at last year’s Philadelphia Film Festival, The Vast of Night made its way to Amazon Prime as an exclusive just over two months ago now. Similarly to what I did recently with signing up for HBO Max and Netflix trials to watch exclusives on their services, I also briefly signed up for a Prime subscription so I could check out this movie. In this debut film from Andrew Patterson, Vast easily draws comparisons to series such as The Twilight Zone, as the film’s setting is the 1950s and has a science fiction and mystery vibe to it.

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Manga Review: Orange: The Complete Collection (Parts 1 and 2) by Ichigo Takano

Back in April I picked up the first half of the Orange manga series as I spotted it in Barnes & Noble and it sounded highly interesting, and now that I’ve read both books in the complete Orange collection series I can certainly say I was pleased by this manga and am looking forward to watching the anime adaptation that is currently airing in Japan.

On the first day of 11th grade Naho receives a letter that is supposedly from her 10 years in the future. She’s skeptical at first, but because it outlines what will happen on certain days, it’s obvious that the letter is no joke and indeed the real deal. The letter states that a new transfer student, Kakeru, needs saving from what will happen in the future if she doesn’t intervene, and if she fails she will carry this burden the rest of her life.

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Review: Legacy by Ellery A. Kane

Legacy by Ellery Kane was a great read, I couldn’t put it down even though I had a big pile of school work to get to. I kept reading further and further, wondering if Lex was going to make it and if Quin was going to be alright.

The story takes place in 2041, where emotion-altering drugs like Emovere have taken over society. San Francisco, once populated by many, is now deserted. There are two sides: Guardians, a government-appointed military police force set to maintain order, and the Resistance, those who fight back. Lex’s mother drops her off at the outskirts of San Francisco with a flash drive she has to deliver. Once she finds the Resistance she takes a liking to Quin McAllister, a former Guardian Force member turned good. His past holds a lot of secrets that haunt him and make him push Lex away. Can the two of them, along with the rest of the Resistance, expose both the dangers of Emovere and corruption of the Guardians without losing one of their own?

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