Fury by Steven James

Review: Fury by Steven James (Blur Trilogy #2)

As I mentioned in my review of Blur, I loved it so much that halfway through it I went ahead and got Fury. I thought Blur was good, but Fury was even better. More action, more characters, and an even bigger mystery. Fury picks up a few months after solving the case of Emily Jackson’s death. Daniel’s blurs have all but disappeared, so he’s getting back into his normal routine. With football season now over, Daniel’s playing basketball. One day in English class he spaces out, then when he snaps out of it, he looks down at his notebook. In it he had written “Lost Cove is the key” over and over…but it wasn’t in his own handwriting. Then later when on his way to a basketball game, he has another blur….and then another during his basketball game. In his blur he sees a child at a bard and hears her say “Madeline is waiting for you, Daniel”. The child’s nightgown then bursts into flames, leaving behind a blackened corpse. It looks like Daniel has another mystery to solve, but what’s it all about this time? In a race against time, Daniel has to solve the mystery of the mysterious barn, who is poaching wolves, and locate his dad. From breaking out of an asylum to a near-death experience, Daniel has to figure everything out before it’s too late.

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Blur by Steven James

Review: Blur by Steven James (Blur Trilogy #1)

High school freshman Emily Jackson was found dead in Lake Algonquin. According to an autopsy it was an accidental drowning. At her funeral when looking inside her coffin, Daniel Byers has a vision, which he and his friend eventually call blurs. In his blur Emily grabs his arm and says to him “Trevor shouldn’t have been in the car”, followed by “Find my glasses” before slumping back into her casket. Daniel announces to the funeral attendees that she’s alive…then passes out. Was her death really an accident, or did someone kill her? And what are these blur sensations Daniel is having? It’s up for him to figure out what’s real, what’s not, and what the heck is going on.

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