Rememberers by C. Edward Baldwin

Review: Rememberers by C. Edward Baldwin (Rememberers Series Book 1)

In Rememberers, 19-year-old Kallie Hunt has been experiencing deja vu sensations. She feels like she’s lived through a moment before, and can “see” what happens before it actually happens. But how is that possible? Is something wrong with her? And why is the government and a few priests be following her around, telling her she needs to save the world from demons? Things are about to get weird…

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Fathers House -by C. Edward Baldwin

Review: Fathers House by C. Edward Baldwin

Fathers House is the debut crime thriller from C. Edward Baldwin. The story follows Ben Lovison, an assistant district attorney in Duraleigh, North Carolina, who loves both his job and his soon to be born twins. Duraleigh is touted as one of the safest cities to live due to no gangs or street violence. But is that really the case? As Ben digs further and further into his investigation, he’s led to believe that “Uncle” Mayo Fathers, the man in charge of Fathers House, is actually running a secret drug operation from the building’s basement as well as his funeral home.

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